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Rebuilt Current FileMaker Solution

Make it Stronger, More Reliable,  Able to Serve Data rapidly


  • FileMaker Pro currently in your business, then you should congratulate yourself for selecting a tool that is legendary for its power and flexibility. However are you getting everything that you want out of your database system or is it several generations old or is it only used by limited members within the company? Ever had to search for mission critical information when employee are on vacation or have left the company. Then you understand the need for organized information in an easy to use system.  

    You might need a spring cleaning or maybe a ground up restoration base on current needs. We can provide a FileMaker developer who can easily take your existing FileMaker Pro databases and do any of the following:

    Enhance the user-interface and ease of operation.

    Take a flat file to an integrated fully relational database
    Improve speed and reliability of your system.
    Clean up your scripts, field, and value lists definitions.
    Troubleshoot errors in current system

    Improve overall system security

    Add new features to your database.
    Multiply the power of databases.

    Have a solution that was only partially finished, we can take that project and completed to your exact requirements.

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