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FireSide Business Solutions specializes in the development custom databases solutions using FileMaker Pro as the core development tool

However, solution and application development knowledge does not end with FileMaker, as we are also experienced developers in Microsoft Access and SQL Server.  We also have experience in web development as well as in developing databases for handheld devices that synchronize with desktop or server-based applications.  What this means for you as a client is significant, as it allows us to develop solutions that can work across a variety of platforms and in diverse environments.

Our development process is very "user-centric"; as we are continuously seeking feedback from our clients from the moment the project begins. We pride ourselves at always doing our best to identify and address each of your needs, as well as those that you may not be aware of and those that may not be present now but will likely arise in the future. 

Our Goal is to develop a solution that a easy to use, straightforward way as possible from the user's perspective, by providing intuitive graphical interfaces and logical designs that are consistent throughout the solution, that requires only minimal formal training. Constantly working to replicate current business workflows and policy, and to ensure your business processes and policies are enforced by the solution. From time to time there will be the need to re-engineer or modify certain process to improve efficiency, those enhancements are based on user and management input to guarantee the solution are efficient and usable from the beginning.


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