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David Nygaard Fine Jewelers

FileMaker Pro 8.5 speeds internal development – and customer service

David Nygaard Fine Jewelers prides itself on the elegance and quality of its original designs and signature diamonds. The 2005 Virginia Small Business of the year derives personal satisfaction in the responsive service it offers its clients, from helping them select just the perfect gem in just the perfect setting, to appraisals and repairs for treasured family pieces. At each of its six locations, the firm puts its clients first.

A sophisticated FileMaker Pro customer service database makes that possible. Behind the scenes, Information Technology director Bruce Knight keeps that system up to date, moving through successive upgrades from earlier versions of FileMaker to the new, powerful FileMaker Pro 8.5. "We use FileMaker Pro hosted on a Windows 2003 Server with all remote locations connecting via Windows Terminal Services," he explains. "It's used as a point-of-sale system and client CRM program, tracking all client interactions in real time, as well as for letters, inventory management, personnel records, appraisals, repairs, client wish list and much more."

With the business depending on such a wide-ranging system, rapid development is essential – there can be no downtime. And here's where FileMaker Pro 8.5 excels. "It's reduced our time to going live by as much as two months," Bruce declares. "The improved performance was immediately noticeable when we entered the test phase of our deployment, the difference has been remarkable – and our new system will allow our sales staff to spend more time doing what they do well: working directly with our clients."

Bruce has high expectations for the new Web Viewer function in FileMaker Pro 8.5, which allows clients to view all available inventory and establish their own personalized wish lists for future purchases or gift ideas – a system which offers real potential for marketing on its own. "We'd like to move our solution to being totally web-based," says Bruce, "and we have plans to market our solution as a complete one-stop offering, providing various levels of consulting to luxury retail stores."

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